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Explore 100s of qualified coaches to choose from across different categories.

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Schedule free sessions with any of the coaches or chat with them to find the perfect fit before you hire one.

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Coaching leaves you with a renewed spirit. Enjoy being a much better and enhanced version of yourself! .

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Stay in touch with the self-improvement community by following our blogs, questions, attending webinars etc..

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Are you feeling unhappy, insecure and overwhelmed? Feeling uninspired and disconnected from yourself? Want to be confident, prepared and motivated to seek lasting fulfillment from life and from love?

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I coach midlife people searching for meaning in their lives. When career, money and family are no longer enough, I compassionately guide people as they re-frame their lives for achieving their dreams.

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Tonyehn Verkitus is the owner of Eco-Arts Living. Eco-Arts Living is about the lives we want versus the lives WE CREATE for ourselves, interconnectedness and living with wholeheartedness and meaning.

What is coaching?

Coaching is a useful technique to overcome an issue you are facing or to develop a skill/ability to boost performance. Coaches are professional highly-qualified individuals who help you achieve goals in an action-oriented manner. Coaches don’t advise you on your personal life but instead help you realise what is your personal ‘best’ and ‘maximum’ and how to make the most of it to achieve impressive results.


Business Coaching helps you clarify your vision and focus on areas that need improvement. It makes you focus on things that are important and increases the chances of success substantially


Career coaching is a great way to get personal help to establish your professional goals, create strategies to achieve them, make difficult career decisions by becoming aware of what you really want and to make sure you execute well to achieve these goals


Leadership Coaching shapes and develops leadership and interpersonal competencies in leaders


Relationship Coaching helps you find harmony across all relationships be it personal or business


Just like how a sports coach helps an athlete bring out the best in her/im, a life coach helps bring the best in a person by identifying their strengths and helping them attain happiness and fulfillment in life

Health & Fitness

Fitness Coaching helps individuals identify the right fitness goals and creates a personalized path to achieve these goals

Money & Finance

Money is an important aspect of our lives and affects in every possible manner. Money Coaching helps you to become financially calm by making informed decisions

How Eternal helps bring out your best

Eternal is a self-improvement community comprising of individuals who exhibit a high degree of interest in improving themselves in multiple aspects of life and of expert coaches who love helping them do so. Users can sign up with Eternal and follow interests and coaches to stay updated with latest stories and information. Individuals seeking answers to certain questions can also participate in the Q&A community.

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Free Access

Coaching and access to advice is no longer reserved for the elite. Eternal provides access to advice from top notch coaches to bring out the best in you.


Personalized for YOU


Every person's journey is unique, and so are their goals and aspirations. That is why you get to follow the stories that resonates with you and at any point can connect with a coach for a 1-on-1 session.


Community of achievers


When you are part of Eternal, remember you are part of a community of people who want to excel and bring out the best in their lives. That’s one powerful network that will stay with you forever.