Get Career Coaching & Counseling From Experts

Get Online Career Counseling And Coaching From Experts

Career coaching is a great way to get personal help to establish your professional goals, create strategies to achieve them, make difficult career decisions by becoming aware of what you really want and to make sure you execute well to achieve these goals


How Does Eternal Work?

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Explore 100s of qualified coaches to choose from across different categories.

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Schedule free sessions with any of the coaches or chat with them to find the perfect fit before you hire one.

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Coaching leaves you with a renewed spirit. Enjoy being a much better and enhanced version of yourself! .

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Stay in touch with the self-improvement community by following our blogs, questions, attending webinars etc..

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I coach people in the creative fields (writers, musicians, graphic designers, etc.), whether they're taking steps to build that dream business or simply to change jobs

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I help business professionals in their 30s, 40s & 50s who are sick of hating their careers and want more fulfilling work. Want to start a business you love or a career you care about?

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I coach corporate professionals who are unhappy in their career and get them on the right path by going through a methodical approach to creating an action plan, developing skills and getting results!

Why Take Career Counseling/Coaching?

Many individuals obtain a life coach to help them work towards their professional goals. This may be planning for a career change, moving to another organization, moving into another profession, or simply seeking a promotion at the organization that they are at now.  It is now a fairly common practice for executives or aspiring executives to retain a life coach to help them improve their organizational skills, plan for opportunities, and work on work-life balance

Career Change

One of the most important career-related decisions we make is to change our careers. Talking to an experienced coach will help you make the right call


We’ve hardly met any successful person who doesn’t have the right connections and a strong network. Learning how to network is the single skill that can guarantee success.

Career Growth

Most of us feel that we have hit a plateau in terms of our Career Growth only to realize that we could have changed this long ago by getting out of out comfort zone


The beauty about being productive at work is that solves most of the other issues one faces at a workplace


Taking a sabbatical is an important decision and hence carefully planning one becomes critically important. An experienced coach can add a value to your sabbatical by helping you make key decisions around based on your goals for this important time.

Career Confidence

Building confidence is very easy, and it is especially worthwhile given the benefits you will accrue once you are confident at work

How Eternal helps bring out your best

Eternal is a self-improvement community comprising of individuals who exhibit a high degree of interest in improving themselves in multiple aspects of life and of expert coaches who love helping them do so. Users can sign up with Eternal and follow interests and coaches to stay updated with latest stories and information. Individuals seeking answers to certain questions can also participate in the Q&A community.

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Access to the best coaches

Free Access

Coaching and access to advice is no longer reserved for the elite. Eternal provides access to advice from top notch coaches to bring out the best in you.


Personalized for YOU


Every person's journey is unique, and so are their goals and aspirations. That is why you get to follow the stories that resonates with you and at any point can connect with a coach for a 1-on-1 session.


Community of achievers


When you are part of Eternal, remember you are part of a community of people who want to excel and bring out the best in their lives. That’s one powerful network that will stay with you forever.